Cambodia Investigations

Where our local knowledge is a key to successful investigations.

Cambodia Investigations

Orion has been conducting investigations in Cambodia for more than 10 years. Cambodia can be a challenging environment for commercial investigators due to a lack of public record information and other information sources which are available to investigators in other countries. In Cambodia, investigators must rely more on human sources of information and other discreet investigation techniques.

Through our extensive network of local contacts, we are able to offer the following investigation services in Cambodia –

Cambodia Intellectual Property Investigations – Investigations into the source and distribution of counterfeit products including identification of suppliers or buyers outside Cambodia.

Cambodia Surveillance – Sometimes surveillance is the most effective method to obtain the required information about a subject. Our team is experienced at conducting surveillance in Cambodia and has completed many successful assignments.

Cambodia Insurance Claim Investigations – We have successfully investigated many insurance claims in Cambodia including travel and medical insurance claims.

Cambodia Due Diligence and Background Investigations – Due to the lack of publicly available records in Cambodia, local sources and contacts are essential for due diligence and background investigations. Through discreet inquiries, we are able to identify a subject’s reputation, business conduct and political connections allowing our clients to make informed decisions on their investments in Cambodia.

Cambodia Fraud Investigations – Our investigators are able to conduct investigations into a wide range of fraud issues which clients may be experiencing including supplier fraud, contract fraud and employee theft.

Cambodia Private Investigations – Orion does not offer private investigation services in Cambodia such as investigations into fidelity. We find this to be a very different service area which is not compatible with our other investigation services in Cambodia.