Our Cases

Rely on our experience across a wide variety of cases and our understanding that each case is unique

Our Cases

– A Thai company was planning to hire a new sales manager to occupy a senior position in the company. During a pre-employment background check, Orion found that the applicant did not have the qualifications he claimed to have in his application and had not worked at one of the companies listed in his CV. Details about other previous employment in his CV were also found to be false.

– A multi-national apparel company received complaints from customers who had bought poor quality fakes in Bangkok markets. Orion conducted an in-depth investigation and identified numerous retail outlets and 2 factories producing the fakes. Raids were coordinated with Thai authorities as a result of which retailers stopped infringing the client’s brand.

– A UK company was planning to open an office in Thailand and was searching for a local partner. Orion conducted a Due Diligence investigation into the prospective partner and found that the partner had previously been involved in civil proceedings with a former business partner in which they had been accused and found guilty of trade secret theft.

– A financial services company was considering a loan application. Orion’s investigation found that key documents from the application including bank account statements and proof of employment were fake.

– A multi-national company with sales staff in Thailand suspected one of their staff of leaking company secrets to competing companies. Orion’s computer technicians mirrored the staff’s hard drive on his work computer. Forensic analysis of the hard drive using specialized software found evidence in the computers temporary files that the staff’s computer had been used to send the company’s project proposals to a competitor via web-based email.

– A multi-national food company received customer complaints regarding damaged products. An audit of the company’s logistics service provider revealed serious lapses in the security of the warehouse which was compromising the product integrity. The audit’s recommendations were implemented and customer complaints were reduced.

– A major brand name realized its products were being counterfeited and sold on the internet. Orion conducted an internet survey and investigated the sellers. Raids were coordinated with Thai authorities against sellers based in Thailand. Intelligence was passed to authorities in other countries where sellers were based resulting in action being taken there also.

– Several major software manufacturers employ Orion to take legal action against users of pirated software. Orion’s actions have significantly increased their sales revenues of genuine software in Thailand.