Meet the Orion Investigations Team

Meet the Orion Investigations Team

Peter Holmshaw – Managing Director

Peter is originally from the UK, but spent a large part of his childhood in The Netherlands. He studied Philosophy and Politics at the University of East Anglia and later received an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. Peter has lived in Thailand for more than 25 years and has worked in the commercial investigation industry in Thailand for 20 years. Peter established Orion Investigations in 2003 and has overseen Orion’s growth to become one of the leading investigation companies in Thailand with in-house capabilities for a full range of commercial investigations, surveillance, computer forensics and related legal services. Peter enjoys taking an active role in case management and strategy as well as overseeing the general management of the company.
Peter is a keen golfer and skydiver and a dog lover.

David Holmshaw – General Manager

David is originally from The UK, graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of York, and has experience living and working in The Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Ireland. He has spent the last 20 years in management positions in Thailand, the last 15 of which were as General Manager at Orion Investigations. David manages a team of project coordinators, research analysts and admin staff in our Client and Project Management Team and places client satisfaction at the center of everything we do. For both new and established clients, each project is an exciting challenge and we do our best to get the right people in our teams focused on getting the right results as efficiently as we possibly can. David is married with two sons and enjoys travelling with his family around Thailand and beyond.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith – Director of Computer Forensics Services

Andrew is responsible for the management of the Orion Computer Forensics Unit. His responsibilities include ensuring the unit operates to the highest international standards, business development and the development and delivery of training for clients and staff. Andrew was a UK police officer for over 9 years and has over 18 years’ experience as a forensic investigator with extensive training and comprehensive experience in relation to criminal, corporate, malware and counter terrorism investigations within the UK, Europe and Thailand. He has regularly appeared as a guest speaker for various business chambers and government organizations and has delivered training in the UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Nepal. Andrew has also developed a number of free forensic tools which are now used in forensics labs all around the world.

Investigation Team

Orion’s investigation team consists of over 30 investigators working on all kinds of commercial investigations. The investigation team is led by our Chief of Operations who is also a co-founder of Orion. Our Chief of Operations has over 20 years’ experience in commercial investigations. He has developed our investigation team into a highly skilled and experienced group of investigators able to bring creativity, determination and guile to consistently deliver results for our clients.



Orion Law Office

Orion Law Office is registered with the Law Society of Thailand and consists of 13 lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants. Orion Law Office specializes in Intellectual Property, Debt Collection, Cybercrime and Corporate Fraud cases. We represent clients from a wide-range of industries and help them protect their intellectual property rights in Thailand through negotiations and, where necessary, criminal and civil litigations. We have an excellent track-record in obtaining compensation for our clients through civil litigation of IP cases, some of which have been heard and won in the Supreme Court of Thailand. Our lawyers also support our investigation and computer forensics cases, including corporate fraud, other breaches of employment contracts and debt collection. Orion’s lawyers have strong experience preparing and presenting digital evidence to support our clients’ cases, as well as cross-examining digital evidence presented by opposing parties. Our two senior lawyers, Mr. Chitpon Jarukdee and Mr. Pichet Pipitvijitkarn, both have Master’s Degrees in Law from Bangkok University and extensive practical experience in a wide range of legal cases. The manager of our Legal Team is Ms. Pornpimon Sungkaew. Ms. Pornpimon has worked for Orion for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in negotiations, debt collection and IP consulting.

Software Audit Team

Orion represents many global software publishers and conducts license compliance audits with their existing customers. We have a dedicated audit team who assist our clients’ customers through the license review process. Orion has developed in-house audit tools which scan the customers’ network for installations of our clients’ software. Any gaps between the installed software and the actual license entitlements identified are then discussed with the customer and rectified. The Audit Team is supported by Orion’s in-house forensics team on the technical aspects of the audit. The audit team has consistently generated significant revenue streams to help our clients achieve their revenue targets in Thailand. The Software Audit Team consists of 6 people and is managed by Mr. Theerapol Lorsuthitham who has worked for Orion for almost 10 years and has developed a strong understanding of the technical aspects of license compliance as well as the business aspect of finding mutually beneficial solutions to disputes.

Hi Tech Investigation Unit

Orion’s Hi Tech Investigation Unit consists of 13 IT technicians and is managed by Khun Smith. Khun Smith has worked with Orion for almost 15 years and has been a key force in developing Orion’s Hi Tech Investigation Unit. As well as being an expert in his own right, Khun Smith has also provided computer forensics trainings to the commercial and government sectors including the Royal Thai Police, Navy and Army. Khun Smith’s team have supported the Royal Thai Police in collecting forensic evidence in more than one thousand criminal cases.


Raid Co-Ordination Team

Our raid co-ordination and enforcement team consists of 11 people who are operating ‘in the field’ throughout Thailand on an almost daily basis. They represent our clients in filing complaints with the Thai authorities and then attending enforcement actions and witnessing the seizure of counterfeit products. The team manager, Khun J, has worked for Orion for 18 years and over that time has been instrumental in building and maintaining strong working relationships with Thai law enforcement agencies and other key IP stakeholders and agencies here in Thailand. Khun J’s team have coordinated more than 5,000 intellectual property raids in all regions of Thailand.