Orion Law Office

 Specializes in Intellectual Property, Debt Collection, Cybercrime and Corporate Fraud cases

Orion Law Office

Orion Law Office is registered with the Law Society of Thailand and consists of more than 10 lawyers and paralegals. Orion Law Office specializes in Intellectual Property, Debt Collection, Cybercrime and Corporate Fraud cases.

We represent clients from a wide-range of industries and help them protect their intellectual property rights in Thailand through negotiations and, where necessary, criminal and litigation civils. We have an excellent track-record in obtaining compensation for our clients through civil litigation of IP cases, some of which have been heard and won in the Supreme Court of Thailand. Our lawyers also support our investigation and computer forensics cases, including corporate fraud, other breaches of employment contracts and debt collection. Orion’s lawyers have strong experience preparing and presenting digital evidence to support our clients’ cases, as well as cross-examining digital evidence presented by opposing parties.

Our two senior lawyers, Mr. Chitpon Jarukdee and Mr. Pichet Pipitvijitkarn, both have Master’s Degrees in Law from Bangkok University and extensive practical experience in a wide range of legal cases.

The manager of our Legal Team is Ms. Pornpimon Sungkaew. Ms. Pornpimon has worked for Orion for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in negotiations, debt collection and IP consulting.