Due Diligence & Business Intelligence

Avoid painful hindsight by identifying and preventing
potential pitfalls before they occur

Due Diligence & Business Intelligence

Due Diligence Service & Business Intelligence in Thailand

Know your enemy, but also know your friend or customer. Today’s business and regulatory environment require increased screening of investors, business partners and customers alike.

Our investigators provide extensive research and background investigation services on individuals and organizations allowing you to make an informed decision on whom to do business with.

Look beyond the balance sheet when investing or merging. Look behind the resume when employee screening and hiring. Dig deeper when considering business partnerships.

Our detailed background investigation checks include official records and databases, industry sources, links to organised crime, previous business associates, and previous business successes and failures. Our investigators also conduct comprehensive asset tracing investigations of individuals and organisations.

Solutions are tailored to your requirements enabling you to reduce risk and make the right business decisions.