Polygraph / Lie Detector Tests

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Polygraph / Lie Detector Tests

Polygraphs / Lie Detectors are an efficient and effective investigation tool to determine the true facts in an inquiry. Polygraphs can be used to identify who is innocent and who is guilty in a wide range of situations including theft, fraud, corruption or other employee misconduct investigations.

Polygraphs can also be used in pre-employment screening or employee monitoring programs with regard to criminal records, corruption, narcotics or alcohol abuse, employment history or other undesired behaviors.

Polygraphs / Lie Detectors can also be used if you have been falsely accused of a crime or wrong-doing. Taking a Polygraph can demonstrate your innocence to your accuser.

In short, polygraphs can be used in any situation where it needs to be established whether the subject is telling the truth or not.

Conducting a polygraph test is a complicated process and requires the examiner to be fully aware of the complete background to the inquiry and the subject. This allows them to structure the interview and formulate the questions correctly. It is not just a matter of asking one simple question and watching a red or green light appear. The test must be carefully planned and executed to ensure that the results are reliable and accurate.

Orion uses state of the art polygraph / lie detector equipment supplied by Lafayette Instrument Company of the USA and operated by trained and qualified examiners. If required by the client, the test can be recorded on video.

We do not offer polygraph / lie detector tests when the topic involves private questions such as faithfulness to one’s spouse / partner or the sexual orientation of the subject. Polygraph test results should never be taken as a 100% guarantee. We recommend them only as a tool in investigations in which the polygraph results are used in conjunction with other investigation methods. For example, if we test 20 employees about a theft in a company and 2 fail the test then we will focus our further investigation on those 2 people but we will not pronounce them guilty (or others innocent) based solely on the polygraph results. Similarly, we do not want to cause domestic problems by polygraph results that are not 100% accurate with no other means of investigation to balance the results and have therefore made a policy decision not to accept these kind of cases.

We can only conduct polygraph / lie detector tests on subjects who are located in Thailand or come to Thailand to take the test.

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