Physical Security Audits

Identify potential security threats and reduce vulnerabilities

Physical Security Audits

Orion provides Physical Security Assessment Services in order to help clients identify potential security threats and reduce vulnerabilities. Our thorough, independent, end-to-end review and validation of existing security measures focuses on three core elements: Policies, Plans and Procedures.

  • A tailored assessment process evaluates and balances these three elements against each other, ensuring your requirements are fully captured.
  • Planning measures are orientated to achieve the required goals in your day to day operational practices.
  • Planning measures are orientated to achieve the required goals in your day to day operational practices.
  • Our mitigation strategies are logically and clearly developed from well-reasoned and authoritative assessments to address potential threats and reduce vulnerabilities.

In particular, we focus on human aspects of security, evaluating the means by which humans interact with and influence system operations, identifying and analysing strengths and vulnerabilities. In addition to evaluation of physical security systems, our reviews assess the effectiveness of education and training programmes.

Analysis of security systems is placed in the context of your specific threat environment, including socio-political upheaval, economic duress, crime, terrorism and the presence of issue-motivated groups.

A security assessment can be as broad or narrow as you require. The duration of a basic security assessment is dependent on the scale and complexity of your operations. Influencing factors include:

  • Number of staff
  • Number of premises
  • Scale of premises
  • Type of business (influences the types and scale of threats)
  • Technical complexity of existing solutions (numbers of cameras, recorders, sensors, barriers, etc)

A typical audit of a single non-public facility, such as a commercial office, may last 7 days, comprising 2 days on site, 5 days written preparation:

  • Staff interviews (senior management and some staff)
  • Security force interviews (management and staff)
  • Documentary review
  • Physical assessment
  • Local specific threat analysis observation
  • Work flow and business process observation
  • Information security analysis (human aspects)
  • Out-of-hours physical security observation
  • Cleaning operations observation
  • Overall building functional analysis
  • Overall district functional analysis

A typical assessment of a large, public facility, such as a retail store, may last 15 days, comprising 5 days on site and 10 days written preparation. Includes all of the above services plus:

  • Staff interviews (senior management and some staff)
  • Goods delivery operations observation
  • Goods disposal operations observation