Electronic Data Acquisition and Analysis

Data collection & On-Site Forensic Imaging available

Electronic Data Acquisition and Analysis

Electronic data acquisition and analysis are invaluable in cases where a computer has been used during the committing of a crime or a computer has been the target of a crime. Typical cases include investigations of employees for fraud, theft, inappropriate internet access, unauthorized file access and distribution and also estimating damages in civil litigation.

Forensically sound equipment and methods mean that the data gathered meets the standards required by law enforcement agencies and courts, ensuring the best chances of a successful conclusion to the case or investigation.

As well as easily accessible information, it is also possible to acquire information from the computer storage device that may be inaccessible by standard methods such as information in deleted, overwritten or damaged files, information deliberately hidden by the owner or information stored outside normal storage areas. Even if the perpetrator thought the information was out of reach we may help you to retrieve the vital piece of evidence that is the final piece of the jigsaw.

We work very closely with the client during the analysis of the evidence in order to conduct targeted and delicately formulated searches through the acquired data. This helps our clients to obtain as much specific detail as efficiently as possible, enabling them to make a faster decision on how to proceed with any further action. The information obtained and the methods used to obtain it are then reported in an accessible format according to the client’s requirements. Where necessary expert testimony is provided to present the evidence in court.

Orion Forensics LAB provides on-site and laboratory computer forensics services. We can come to you or you can send the storage devices to us, whichever solution meets your specific budget and timeframe.