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Software Audits and Expert Testimony

Software Audits

Software piracy remains a massive revenue loss for computer software manufacturers, software resellers and government revenue agencies through lost taxes. Recent studies by IDC estimated annual losses of approximately US$14 Billion in the Asia-Pacific region. Orion Hi-Tech Unit provides software audit services to determine the software installed on and end user’s computers and allow the client to determine whether the end user has sufficient licenses to cover such usage. The audit also reveals the frequency with which the software was used and the length of time that it has been installed for.

This helps our clients to protect their revenues and also provides a deterrent effect which increases the number of business users choosing to use legal software.

Expert Testimony

Our investigators are able to appear in court as expert witnesses to present any information obtained during investigations. We have wide experience in providing critical evidence in many civil and criminal cases on behalf of our clients, our expertise and experience enhances the likelihood of a successful outcome.